We've been asked what Idra is on more than one occasion. Quite simply, Idra is Italian for hydra. Over the past few years; however, the English version of Idra has become quite the household name because of various comic book based movies. While the basis of the company has been built on that mythical creature, it was decided to go with a variant of the name that still invoked the namesake but didn't associate us with a fictitious villain (although we admit that being a comic book villain would in fact be an awesome ice breaker in cyber discussions).

The concept behind Idra is a representation of our company motto: "Success from Many". The Idra had multiple heads making it extremely difficult to attack, which is in line with our philosophy of cyber-in-depth. Truly securing something, whether in cyberspace or the physical realm, requires security from all directions.

If your company is in need of cyber support, assistance, or even if you haven't started looking at how to secure your systems, get in contact with us and let's get the discussion started on helping you ensure you're safe from the perils of doing business in the 21st century.